Year 2000 was the first camp we organized for orphans. This video may give you an idea how all this started and what our vision is regarding camps for orphans and underprivileged children.

Since then we have steadily developed the idea to the point where we now have our own property with five cottages for children and a house with bedrooms for staff and kitchen. Our camp season is between June 15th and September 15th. Occasionally we do children or youth week-ends outside the summer season for some specific Bible study or administration activities. Usually we do one-week camps, but occasionally we do  two-week camps for abandoned children living in serious risk situations. Our focus is on institutionalized children, but we do camps for church children or a mixture thereof. Depending on target participants, we have various Bible studies, crafts, songs and games well prepared in advance to meet every situation.  In the past years we trained and equipped many volunteers and some of them are volunteer leaders today. The first six months each year we do training and equip new leaders for the summer camps. As the camp location is in Caras National Park, there are various hiking routs, the river, and caves to visit. We have done this every year since 2000 so we are very well acquainted with all the places so hikes are safe and fun for all ages. We kindly invite you to watch a short video from the Iabalcea Camp before you leave this page.

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